Vloeiboren BIS Specials

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DRABUS ® FRICTIONDRILLING PROCESS A suitable toolholder with outside cooling in wich the Drabus friction- drill is concentrally chucked, is necessary to prevent the generated friction heat from reaching the bearings of the drill spindle. To clamp the Drabus frictiondrill into the toolholder, we advise an ER collet with a conical form. In combination with a Drabus friction- drill , it is possible to use a formtap for thread forming. (for thread cutting there are also Drabus frictiondrills) Lubricate the Drabus frictiondrill with VTP-paste when frictiondrilling in steel, and with VTF-fluid when frictiondrilling copper and brass. The VTP- and VTF-lubricant is heat resistant up to 1100°C. Other materials require proper lubricant to frictiondrill in optimal conditions (to be specified in advance of the application). TIP: We suggest a rigid column drilling machine or a drilling unit with a suitable speed range and sufficient motorpower . By new investment, we advise a frictiondrilling machine with a hydro-pneumatic control of the frictiondrilling cycle. Please contact us for more information. Of course, you need a Drabus frictiondrill . Those are classified in groups according to their form. Nut www.bisspecials.com