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PASTE OR FLUID Wear is a surface phenomenon that occurs by the displacement and detachment of material. Because wear implies a loss of weight over a period of time, it generally differs from breakage, fractures and plastic deformation. WEAR - SOCA SYSTEM PROPERTY. HTP: bring a thin film of the paste with a small brush to the sur- face of the Drabus frictiondrill. On a CNC-machine, the Drabus frictiondrill can be program- med to automatically dip into the paste, between two friction- drill operations. HTF: The fluid can be applied with a spray or haze system. To reduce or eliminate the above mentioned adhesive wear, the friction drilling process can be done using the Drabus friction- drill paste HTP or -fluid HTF. The HTP is a paste that is compo- sed of a fixed lubricant and a mineral oil. HTF is a fluid mixture composed of the same components as the paste, but it can also be used as a spray. During the frictiondrilling process, both the HTP and HTF products produce a fixed grease- and dividing film which is high pressure resistant. The dividing and lubrica- ting properties are maintained within the temperature range from -20°C to +1150°C. The mineral oil evaporates at high temperature, so there is no or only a small remainder left on the workpiece. Most important wear aspects. Lubricant paste or fluid. How to use these lubricants ? How to order ? THE TRIBOLOGICAL SYSTEM: • Basic body • Relative movement • Opposite body • Contact temperature • Interspace material • Normal force • Environment medium THE EFFECTS OF THE TRIBOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS: • Friction • Wear • Surface quality loss THE FOUR BASIC WEAR MECHANISMS: • Adhesive wear • Abrasive wear • Tribochemical interactions • Fatigue (Surface fatigue) TRIBOLOGICAL STRUCTURE TOOL DEGRADATION MECHANISMS OPERATING VARIABLES SURFACE CHANGES MATERIAL LOSSES WEAR CHARACTERISTICS STRUCTURE OF THE TRIBOLOGICAL SYSTEM 2 1 3 4 1&2: Wear Couple 3: Interfacial medium 4: Surrounding medium THESE PRODUCTS (HTP AND HTF) HAVE ALREADY IN PRACTICE THEIR INFLUENCE ON THE TOOL LIFE, BUT IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO FRICTIONDRILL DRY IN SOME SITUATIONS. Name Quantity Article number Brush 1 1700162-08 Alu Paste 100 gr 170ALP0100 HTF Fluid 5 L 170VTF5000 HTP Paste 200 g 170VTP0200 HTP Paste 5 kg 170VTP5000 www.bisspecials.com