Rego-Fix BIS Specials

74 REGO-FIX AG ER System / Product catalog 1.4 Collet reductions Collet reductions ER / ERM ERM / ERM ER / ERMX ERMX / ERMX Features and benefits Surface finish max. Ra 0.25 Higher clamping force and higher transferable torque. Applications The collet reductions are mainly used on Swiss machines with live tooling. Quick change system Best suited for quick tool change as the cutting tools can be preinstalled. Length presetting Tools can be preset outside of the machine. Minimal external dimensions Achieve minimal external dimensions by using Hi-Q ®  / ERM or Hi-Q ®  / ERMX clamping nuts. Expert advice We recommend tightening the clamping nuts using a torque wrench. For tightening torque recommendations, please refer to page 157. Collet reductions 1.4 Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected] Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected]