Rego-Fix BIS Specials

68 REGO-FIX AG ER System / Product catalog 1.3 ER floating chucks ER floating chucks When using reamers on lathes it is often necessary to compensate for axis error between the chuck and the bore to be machined. This error can be corrected by using a self-centering floating chuck. Floating chuck PH / ER Features REGO-FIX floating chucks are excellent tools for reaming and tapping: // They are specially designed so the tool is self-centering in a vertical and horizontal position // The self-centering feature allows very precise positioning of the reaming or tapping tool. This is especially important in horizontal applications, where on ordinary floating chucks the weight of the tool tends to dislocate the tool from the rotational axis // The float is always parallel to the rotational axis and the rotation is both clockwise and counter clockwise Floating chuck PHC / ER for coolant through tools Features Floating chucks PHC / ER for coolant through tools are especially designed for internal cooling and have the same advantages as the PH / ER floating chucks. Floating chuck PHC-C / ER REGO-FIX CAPTO Features These REGO-FIX CAPTO floating chucks are manufactured with polygon interface – licensed by Sandvik Coromant. Floating chuck MPH / ERMX for tight spaces Application REGO-FIX MPH / ERMX floating chucks are an efficient solution for tight space applications. PH / PHC / PHC-C/MPH Features and benefits Adjustable floating resistance Continuously adjustable between auto-centering and free-floating. No restriction of the floating movement. Adjustment for tool weight Optimal setup by adjustment of floating resistance is possible. Vertical and horizontal application Adjustable self-centering keeps the tool at the center of the floating chuck, even in the horizontal position. Prevents chatter marks and extends tool life. Combined ball- and friction-bearing Combined ball and friction-bearing for easy floating: // Ball bearing for smooth reaming at low load applications // Friction-bearing to withstand high pressures at high load applications Double sealing against dirt Prevents coolant and chips from entering the floating chuck. Excellent bore quality Only parallel floatation of tool possible. ER floating chucks 1.3 Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected] Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected]