Rego-Fix BIS Specials

64 REGO-FIX AG ER System / Product catalog 1.1.8 ISO 20 interface ISO 20 colletholders Applications The REGO-FIX ISO 20 colletholders are designed to work with the HAAS Office Mill. To utilize the full potential of your machine, use the REGO-FIX brand of holders and collets to see the difference quality can achieve in your machining operations. Balancing // 100 % balanced to G 2.5 @ 40,000 rpm. Matched tooling system for best fit For highest precision and best results the whole system counts. Therefore REGO-FIX components are carefully matched for optimum fit and accuracy. This guarantees the best runout and balance. For the influence of runout on tool life see the graph on page 3. D L ISO / ERM HAAS Expert advice We reco mme nd tightening the clamping nuts using a torque wrench. For tightening torque recommendations, please refer to page 157. ISO 20 1.1.8 w Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected] Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected]