Rego-Fix BIS Specials

38 REGO-FIX AG ER System / Product catalog 1.1.3 HSK interface HSK colletholders Designed for rotating applications, all our HSK colletholders are suited for high-speed applications where consistent performance is key. DIN 69893 / ISO 12164 Features and benefits Runout TIR ≤3 μm Measured from inner taper to outer taper. Surface finish max. Ra 0.25 Achieve high clamping force and high transferable torque. Balancing 100% balanced to G 2.5 @ 25,000 rpm. Balancing in XL colletholders 100% balanced to G 2.5 @ 5,000 rpm. Hi-Q ® balancing system Ready to accept Hi-Q ® balancing rings which allow for the offset of the imbalance introduced by the cutting tool up to 80,000 rpm depending on the balancing rings used. All colletholders with the additional type information “H” in the article name are designed for balancing rings. Hi-Q ®  / ER clamping nut included in delivery Guarantees highest clamping force and best balancing. Vibration dampening Our holders offer a good vibration dampening to sustain a high surface finish and can prevent cutting force alterations. Special applications When extra high clamping for ce is needed, e.g., when tapping with ER-GB, we recommend to use our friction-bearing cla mping nuts Hi-Q ®  / ERB and Hi- Q ®  / ERBC. Matched t ooling system for best fit For highest precision and best results the entire machining system counts. Therefore our components are carefully matched for optimum fit and accuracy. This guarantees the best runout and balance. ID chip hole (only HSK form A) In accordance with DIN 69873 for 10 mm diameter. Available on request. Expert advice For all HSK-A and HSK-E form colletholders a range of coolant tubes (KSR) is available. For KSR part numbers please refer to page 149. HSK 1.1.3 Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected] Website: Tel: (+31) 0313 482566 Email: [email protected]